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Our polyol formulation for high density foam is widely accepted in India. It is used for making pipe support, saddles and clamps.  More than 80 % of the country’s demand for high density polyol particularly for pipe support is met through our polyol. Polyurethane chemicals for high density foam is one of the Tandy's strength. Also this product has a very competitive price. 

It is supplied having a standard free rise density of 500kg/cu m. It is compatible with most of polyether grade polyols available for industrial insulation grade of 22-40 Kg/cu m density. It is possible to produce any density ranging from 50-500 kg/cu m by mixing our standard material with insulation grade material. It is possible to mould very large parts. Even molding of parts as large as 50-75 kgs does not pose any problem.


If required by the client we can supply pre-formulated specific density polyol for high density PUF.  It is HCFC and CFC free. 

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