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Polyurethane foam has an extremely low thermal conductivity. It minimizes the heat exchange even with low thickness of insulation layer. It has excellent mechanical properties even with low densities. It has a wide industrial application. 

1. District heating and cooling 

Warm and chilled water is used for district heating and cooling. The network of pipelines are insulated with polyurethane foam (in form of pipe section or directly insulated through the in-situ process).  It optimizes energy usage and reduces the cost. 

2. Oil and gas

On-shore and off-shore pipelines running thousands of kilometers serve the oil & gas industry. They are required to be insulated. The pipe can be insulated using polyurethane foam parts produced in the factories or foamed in-situ. 

3. Industrial Insulation for Tanks, brewery insulation & refrigeration

Storage tanks for chemicals and perishable items are required to be insulated to protect them from damage and spoiling.  

4. Used in Cryogenic insulation
Polyurethane foam having very good insulating properties, mechanical strength, and excellent 
dimensional stability is used to insulate Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) tanks and pipelines that are used for transportation. 

5. Pipe Supports & saddles
These are made from high-density polyurethane foam designed to support the pipelines in industries. 
It is the most preferred material in cryogenic pipe supports.  Depending on compressive strength required, pipe supports of density ranging from 100 kg/m3 to 550 kg/m3 can be produced. 


We manufacture and supply polyurethane chemicals for use in the above applications.  

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