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Polyurethane Colour Paste

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Tandy Polyurethane (PU) colour paste for Polyurethane Foams are a blend of pigments conforming to industrial standard dispersed in polyether polyol. It is free from heavy metals. Polyether polyol is used as a carrier polyol which ensures 100% compatibility and becomes an integral part of the foam itself. PU Pigment paste is neutral to the catalysts and additives used in the foam manufacturing.


We have variants of Red, Blue, Yellow, Green and Black for the user to choose from. Customised colour paste can also be produced. PU colour paste can be used for flexible slab-stock foams, semi flexible foams, integral skin foams, shoe soles and rigid foams.

Application of PU colour paste

1. Bedding and Cushioning
2. Packaging
3. Automotive Accessories
4. Appliances
5. Moulds and tool making
6. Medical & prosthetics
7. Safety wear
8. Shoe sole
9. Pipeline coating

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