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Polyols for producing wide range of densities from 38-450 kg/m^3 blocks are available. FR and PIR grade polyol are also available. 

The blocks of density 38-45 kg/m^3 has its application in cold-room insulation. High density polyurethane blocks are used as thermal isolation load bearing blocks in concrete footings in cold- rooms. High density block has a high compressive strength, high load bearing capacity, low water permeability. Datasheet for block 38-40 kg/m3 density is given below which is an industrial standard. For high density blocks our high density chemical is to be used. 


Application of 38-40 kg/m3 density block at a glance 

1. Cold rooms

2. To make pipe sections using CNC machine

3. Sliced into sheets for making panels

Application of high density foam at a glance

1. Thermal isolation load bearing blocks in concrete footings in cold- rooms

2. Pipe supports using CNC machine

3. To make furniture parts and cornices

4. For making signage

5. Can be used in FRP composites used in boat building 

6. Used in prototyping and tooling applications, mould making and used as modelling foams

7. Used in Radomes

Our Polyol grades are HCFC and CFC free. 

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