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Polyurethane (PUF) spray foam is already quite popular in Europe, US and in Middle East. Recently it is gaining popularity in India also. The spray foam is used in roof insulation, to insulate walls of the building, under-deck insulation and tank insulation. If you have an old structure or a warehouse and you wish to convert it into a cold-room / refrigerated warehouse then the use of spray foam is the easiest and convenient method to do so. It forms a continuous & seamless barrier on walls, around corner and on contoured surfaces. Thus reducing leakage of air through unwanted gaps, cracks and joints. 

Properties of Chemicals- 

1. It is a 2-component system. Polyol and Isocyanate react to form polyurethane foam

2. Ratio of polyol to isocyanate - 1:1.2 to 1:1.3

3. The chemicals react very quickly in just 7 seconds and completely hardens within a minute. 

4. High R value

5. Excellent compressive strength and good dimensional stability

6. Also absorbs sound


We have equipment and trained manpower if required to do the job or if required to provide assistance for application.


Low density spray foam is used as a packaging material for fragile items. 

Fire retardant (FR) grade of polyol is also available. Our grades are HCFC and CFC free.

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